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A-ARM / STRUT MOUNTING - A01CH42AA (4964436443B012) FRONT WHEEL - A01CH42AA (4964436443B005)
AIR BOX - A01CH42AA (4964436443A012) FUEL PUMP - A01CH42AA (4964436443D006)
CARBURETOR - A01CH42AA (4964436443D007) FUEL TANK - A01CH42AA (4964436443A011)
CLUTCH COVER - A01CH42AA (4964436443C003) GEAR SELECTOR - A01CH42AA (4964436443C010)
CONTROLS - MASTER CYLINDER / BRAKE LINE - A01CH42AA (4964436443B008) GEARCASE (Cases and Snorkel) - A01CH42AA (4964436443C012)
CONTROLS - THROTTLE ASM. / CABLE - A01CH42AA (4964436443B007) GEARCASE (Internal Components) - A01CH42AA (4964436443C013)
COOLING SYSTEM - A01CH42AA (4964436443A009) HANDLEBAR and HEADLIGHT POD - A01CH42AA (4964436443B013)
CRANKCASE - A01CH42AA (4964436443D001) INTAKE and EXHAUST - A01CH42AA (4964436443D004)
CRANKSHAFT and PISTON - A01CH42AA (4964436443D003) MAGNETO - A01CH42AA (4964436443D013)
CV JOINT - BTB - A01CH42AA (4964436443B001) OIL FILTER - A01CH42AA (4964436443D010)
CYLINDER - A01CH42AA (4964436443D002) OIL PUMP - A01CH42AA (4964436443D009)
DECALS - A01CH42AA (4964436443A008) OIL TANK - A01CH42AA (4964436443B010)
DRIVE CLUTCH - A01CH42AA (4964436443C001) PROP SHAFT - A01CH42AA (4964436443B003)
DRIVEN CLUTCH - A01CH42AA (4964436443C002) REAR BRAKE / FOOT PEDAL - A01CH42AA (4964436443C007)
ELECTRICAL / TAILLIGHT - A01CH42AA (4964436443C004) REAR CAB and SEAT - A01CH42AA (4964436443A003)
ENGINE MOUNTING - A01CH42AA (4964436443A013) REAR DRIVE SHAFT - A01CH42AA (4964436443B002)
EXHAUST SYSTEM - A01CH42AA (4964436443A010) REAR RACK MOUNTING - A01CH42AA (4964436443A006)
FRAME MOUNTING - A01CH42AA (4964436443B011) REAR SUSPENSION - A01CH42AA (4964436443C005)
FRONT BRAKE - A01CH42AA (4964436443B006) REAR WHEEL DRIVE - A01CH42AA (4964436443C009)
FRONT CAB - A01CH42AA (4964436443A005) RECOIL STARTER - A01CH42AA (4964436443D011)
FRONT HOUSING - A01CH42AA (4964436443C011) STARTING MOTOR - A01CH42AA (4964436443D012)
FRONT RACK and BUMPER MOUNTING - A01CH42AA (4964436443A007) STEERING POST - A01CH42AA (4964436443B009)
FRONT STRUT - A01CH42AA (4959905990B007) TOOL KIT - A01CH42AA (4964436443D014)
WATER PUMP - A01CH42AA (4964436443D005)
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